Roger, 1968

Roger Wakefield MacKenzie is the man!  I fell in love with him within minutes of meeting him in Dragonfly in Amber, back in 1992. In the Starz production of Outlander, Richard Rankin was given the daunting task of bringing my book love to life. All I can say is job well done!

We only get to see him in episode 213, but I fell in love with Roger all over again. For me, Rik IS Roger. And being me, I had all these great songs playing in my head, dedicated to my hero. But I wouldn’t be able to use them until I finished all my other recaps of season 2. And let’s face it – it’s going to take all of Droughtlander for me to get to 213.

So I decided to devote a whole cheesy video to Roger! His part of the story takes place in 1968, and it turns out many of my favorite songs are from that year. Add the fact that “2001: A Space Odyssey” came out in ’68, throw in a few biscuit jokes, and I had this fun tribute to both Roger and Rik. And I know the moon landing was in ’69, but if Roger was an astronaut, he would have gotten there a year early. Ha!

Note: I love Sophie Skelton as Brianna, too. I’ll be making a video for her!


Note: This video is blocked in some international countries. If you can’t view it on youtube, please try watching here! Roger 1968



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