Cat’s Recap of Outlander Episode 208 – The Fox’s Lair

I was so excited to see this episode! After all that time in France, we were going home to Scotland. Home to Lallybroch! And then of course, reality arrived, and we spent just a few brief minutes of happiness . Seriously, in 13 episodes we can’t get 15 minutes of Lallybroch contentment BEFORE the next life-altering event? I know, I know. Diana rarely gives us 15 minutes of happy reading, either. And don’t get me wrong – I’d still rather watch Outlander than any other show!

The Fox’s Lair caught a lot of heat from fans. I’m betting the number one reason was because of the unbelievable Laoghaire storyline. After turning Laoghaire into such a villain in season 1, they had to scramble to try to “redeem” her enough for what will happen in season 3.  I was not a fan of the changes, but as per usual, I decided to make a joke about it, and put it to music.

Leery gate.jpg

A super cool note about this episode: when I was at ScotCon last year, I was lucky enough to meet several Outlander actors. One was Clive Russell, aka the Old Fox. He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and he was intrigued by my question of what oldies song would work best for Lord Lovat. It took some time, but eventually he contacted me with a suggestion: “Under My Thumb,” by the Rolling Stones. Perfect!

Now for the over-the-top exciting bit. I sent him the link to my video, and he responded. He not only watched it, he called it “both insightful and hilarious!”  Just think, the first person associated with the show to like one of my recaps. Talk about a brush with greatness!


So here it is – I hope you enjoy it!


Outlander Buttons for Emerald City Comic Con

I make a button for each Outlander event I attend, and give out a few to friends. For Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con in March (#ECCC) I created this “Outlander Meets Emerald City” mashup button.





To be fair – I want to point out the buttons did turn out a bit darker than I wanted – but I believe Outlanders will easily recognize Jamie and Claire on the yellow brick road!



If you have questions, comment here, or DM @CatsAndKilts on Twitter.

Cat’s Recap of Outlander Episode 207 – Faith

Well, I’ve reached my one of my all-time favorite episodes of Outlander: Faith.

For me, Faith is like a punch in the gut to even think about, but it’s so brilliant, I willingly let myself take the beating over and over again. Even after all these months, I can tear up just thinking of it. (I wrote about it’s impact on me earlier in Faith, spiders, and balls).

Claire Fraser has always been my hero. (My moment of Claire-ity). Caitriona Balfe has made me see Claire in ways I never had when I read Diana Gabaldon’s books. From the first moment I saw her she WAS Claire. But the range she shows in Faith is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. It’s stunning…breathtaking…heartbreaking…amazing. I don’t think there are enough adjectives.

I’m not the only one to think this way. Cait has been nominated for many awards this year, including a Golden Globe, and has won the BAFTA Scotland 2016 award for Television Actress.

When the Blu-ray edition came out, and I got to see the additional material of Jamie coming back from prison, it was like a 1-2 punch. We finally got to see what the loss of Faith meant to Jamie. For me, Sam Heughan is probably the only actor that could equal the intensity and brilliance of Cait. I feel so lucky that I get to see them bring my favorite characters to life.

So as I started this recap, I decided I needed to include the whole story – not just the version that originally aired. I spent all of the holiday break crying and drinking whisky, and worrying that I was doing Faith justice. What with the extended scenes and my desire to show everything fully, this turned into a very long video. And I am extremely proud of it.

I’m not sure “enjoy” is a word to associate with this episode recap, but I do hope you can see the love and respect I have for Claire, Cait, Jamie, Sam, and everyone responsible for giving me the gift that is Faith.



Cat’s Recap of Outlander Episode 206 – Best Laid Schemes…

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

 From To a Mouse, by Robert Burns, 1785.

And boy do thing go a-gley in this episode! So many of the strands of all the French plots culminate in a most unhappy way.

But first we get some wonderful Murtagh moments. As always, he is the one you want to have with you wherever you go!


Running a close second is Fergus, and we get to see him in action as the worlds cutest Secret Agent Man!


France has not been a friend to Claire and Jamie, and I for one can’t wait for them to get back to Scotland. We have one more episode in France, and it will be the hardest of all.

Meanwhile, I hope you are able to enjoy a few laughs with me, before the bottom falls out…


Cat’s Recap of Outlander Episode 205 – Untimely Resurrection

Another Paris episode where tons of separate timelines crisscross – and one unwelcome character returns. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the intrigue!

There’s another costume Easter egg from Liz Boulton in this episode. When they were piecing together the Versailles garden dress, they ended up with at least one panel that was “blank,” and needed Liz to replicate the embroidery. She created one of the pink flowers on the front bodice, and added a little something extra!


For those of you who also watch The Big Bang Theory, I hope you enjoy the wink to Schrödinger’s Cat!



Hope you enjoy!


Cat’s Recap of Outlander Episode 204 – La Dame Blanche

Another Paris episode where there are a crazy number of plot-lines to follow. I managed to cram them all in – but it’s my longest ever recap!

One of the funniest – yet shortest – moment comes the morning after Claire tells Jamie that Black Jack Randall is still alive. I love her selective memory!


I felt it very important to get in Jamie’s “blade of grass” speech with no comment or musical snips. I had to edit out his pauses in order to get it all in, but I feel it’s one of the most important moments of Season 2.

And I purposely kept the portion that dealt with Mary’s rape brief. Not because it’s not important, but because it IS.

On the lighter side, I included a wee tribute to Liz Boulton, the wonderful embroiderer on Outlander. She gave us the lovely dog bone on the wedding dress, but as a true fan, she slips in other Easter eggs when she can. In this case, I was lucky enough to see the costumes displayed at Saks 5th Avenue in LA and NY, and I spotted this one for myself! It’s one of my favorite costumes, made even more special since Liz put in a Fraser strawberry!




I so appreciate all of you who stick with me, and watch each recap. I hope you enjoy this one!



Cat’s Recap of Outlander 203 – Useful Occupations and Deceptions

Or as I like to call it, the one where Murtagh gets more action than Claire!



This seems to be a transition episode – lots of things happen that help explain some big things in later episodes. One of my favorite bits is we get to see the real Claire, the strong confident woman from season 1, working at the L’Hôpital des Anges. Now we just have to wait until she’s herself at home, too!

The introduction of Mother Hildegarde is another high point, and of course, we get to meet two irresistible moppets: Fergus and Bouton!


I also found a moment in this episode which reminded my of a favorite movie: Field of Dreams. I have often had what I call “Ray Kinsella moments,” and it made me laugh just a little when Jamie had his declaration.


As always, thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoy it!